Teak Transom Platforms


Fiberglass Transom Platforms

Butler’s manufacturing professionals have been manufacturing teak platforms and their associated hardware for over sixty years. These platforms are considered by many to be the finest in the world. Many Teak platforms manufactured in the late fifties are still being used. Our Teak Platforms can be custom made to your specifications, virtually any length, depth and thickness. They are pressure laminated of the best Burma Teak. These laminations are glued together, but primarily held together with three inch stainless steel screws staggered throughout the platform to hold each of these laminations secure.For maximum strength, all units feature a double teak strake along the aft edge as well as the transom edge. A rigid white vinyl impact strip adds beauty and protection to the outer edge. Polished stainless steel trim is available upon request. The platforms are 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” thick and all stainless steel fasteners necessary for mounting are included. Full installation instructions come with each unit.   Forty years of Boating know-how allows Butler Marine Products to offer one more accessory needed to make your boating easier, cleaner and safer. This accessory is a Solid Fiberglass Transom Platform. Unlike most of the fiberglass transom platforms on the market today, our platforms do not have either a plywood or balsa wood core-thus eliminating delamination problems and core rot, brought on by water seepage. Our Fiberglass Platforms can be made to your specifications. Stainless steel trim is standard on all models. Butler Marine Products’ fiberglass Transoms Platforms also come with optional teak or Star Board inlayed slotted areas. The purpose of these areas is to allow water to pass through the platforms.